Indonesia’s national marine resources forecasting and management center (INDESO) is based on the island of Bali, in the town of Perancak. This complex of several hundred square meters has been built in the heart of the mangroves. It houses INDESO’s Information, Communication and Training (ICT) Center and its Technical Center. They share the site with the high-resolution radar satellite image receiving station.

The INDESO infrastructure includes an Information, Communication & Training Center, a Technical Center and a high-resolution radar satellite image acquisition station. © BRKP

The ICT Center is a place where the Indonesian scientific community can meet with INDESO experts to discuss and further knowledge of our maritime territory.

The Technical Center is under constant surveillance and access to it is strictly regulated. It houses the computer room (INDESO’s technical heart) and is connected to the high-resolution radar satellite image receiving station, as well as to our operations center, INDESO’s ‘control tower’.