The Indeso web portal allows you generating a template command line using the python script for downloading met/ocean data you are interested in. This command line integrates the extraction parameters. In order to first create your command line, you have to navigate as if you wanted to download the data through the web portal.

After selecting met/ocean product in catalogue, add the product to your cart, and click on “Download” (as explained in FAQ4).


The next page allows you to use selections in your download request. Click on “Apply filters”, then you can download the met/ocean data or generate a command line. Click on “View script” button in order to generate a command line corresponding to your request.



The popup displayed explain how to proceed: you need to have python installed, you need to download the motu-client package and extract the archive. Then, copy and paste the command line written in the end of the popup, and adapt to your local environment the path of your motu-client package, and finally replace username and password by yours. After the run of the command line, you should receive a file or corresponding to your request (see FAQ3 and the difference between gridded data and non-gridded data; if you request a gridded dataset, you receive a netCDF file,; if your request concern a non-gridded dataset, you receive an archive file,



How to run the command line?

If it is the first time you are using download scripts, you need to download and install python, and the client script called “motu-client”.

Then you will find python here

Please download python 2.7.6.  You will find lastest version of the script “motu-client” here:

Note that if you use the 2.7.6 version, you may encounter the error Connection reset by peer.

 Running command line on windows

The operating system Microsoft Windows is not the most convenient operating system to run command lines. But it is of course feasible to do so, by using DOS command, or installing Cygwin if you are familiar with unix environment.

Click on “Start” => “Accessories” => “Command line”

Go in the directory where you saved the motu client script.

cd C:your_current_directory

And run the command line.

Running command line on Linux or MacOS

These operating systems are well adapted to run command line. Just open a terminal, go to the directory where you saved the motu client script and run the command.


For any questions and further assistance you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..