Through INDESO, the Indonesian government has decided to develop a strong, internationally-recognized, Indonesian expertise in the field of operational oceanography and space oceanography in order to support sustainable growth of the Indonesian Blue Economy. In this context, INDESO will fund both the academic and practical training of Indonesian oceanographers, marine biologists, remote sensing and fisheries specialists as well as engineers andsystem operators. The INDESO capacity building program has 3 components:

  • A complete education program providing academic qualifications to young Indonesian scientists (4 Masters, and 9 PhDs)
  • A research partnership program providing funding for extended stays in France for up to 10 Indonesian researchers willing to contribute to the development of INDESO in collaboration with French laboratories
  • A short-term training program providing practical qualification to the future 18 INDESO operators in fields such as : operations management, system engineering , GIS, radar antenna operations and maintenance, radar image analysis, ocean forecasts analysis, fish stock analysis, oil spill detection and monitoring....

This very complete capacity building program includes funding for as much as 40 years of academic training and research partnerships and nearly 3 years of short-term trainings. Over 60 % of the effort is focussed on PhD theses as the future Doctors trained in this program are expected to take over and further develop the INDESO concept in the forthcoming years. The subjects of the 9 funded PhD thesis have been chosen to train future experts in the 7 main INDESO application domains* as well as in ocean modelling**

In addition to CLS, a large number of French research organisms and Universities are involved in this program.


Université de Bretagne occidentaleUniversité de Bretagne occidentale

Université de Nouvelle-CalédonieUniversité de Nouvelle-Calédonie

Institut de recherche pour le développementInstitut de recherche pour le développement

Telecom BretagneTelecom Bretagne

Université Montpellier 2Université Montpellier 2 – Sciences et techniques

Institut Français de Recherche pour l’exploitation de la merInstitut Français de Recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer

Centre d'Etude et de Valorisation des AlguesCentre d'Etude et de Valorisation des Algues

Université de VersaillesUniversité de Versailles

Université Paul SabatierUniversité Paul Sabatier

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