Following APEC 2014, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries had initiated project known as INDESO (Infrastructure Development of Space Oceanography). One of the task of this project is to support APEC Ocean and Information Center (AOFIC) by establishing database infrastructure including training center at Perancak-Bali. Ground Receiving Satellite conjunction with Research and Development related to global ocean data assimilation was accomplished and operational in early 2015. 

By 2016, the AOFIC database were developed and some of pilot application on IUU fishing, oil spill detection, mangrove management, shrimp farming enhancement, seaweeds management and exploration and fish stock evaluation and management were conducted in several areas.  

With the aim to support AOFIC-APEC in 2017, we have launched the AOFIC temporarily portal in and it can be accessed by APEC member.